Beds & Spray:

See below for pricing per level (L1, L2, etc)

Level One
Ergoline Sundash


20 minute max
32 lamps / 1 facial

Level Two


15 minute max
32 lamps / 3 facial

Level Three
Ergoline Passion


12 minute max
40 lamps / 3 facial

Level Three
Soltron Stand Up


9 minute max
48 200 watt lamps

Level Four
Soltron Open Kiwi

12 minute max
27 high pressure lamps / 3 high pressure facials

Sunless Spray Tanning

Only $9.95 for your first session! No appointment necessary.


Natural, Bronze VersaPro Spray Tan

Extended Clear Tan solution – long-lasting, natural tan develops over the next 4 – 8 hours


Extended Tan with Instant Cosmetic Bronzer – immediate, natural cosmetic color fused with an extended tan

Paraben Free | Gluten Free | Cruelty Free | Non-Comedogenic
Pricing included in chart below.

Evolv Heated Airbrush Sunless Tanning

$40 for a Custom Session, $15 Legs Only.
After your first session, you can also purchase a Buy 4, Get 1 Free package for $160.00.
Click here to learn more about Evolv tanning.

An appointment with a certified spray technician is required.
Call today to schedule your Evolv tan!

Pricing & Membership:

All-Inclusive Membership

All Level Beds PLUS Sunless Spray Tanning

Membership Benefits:

Membership Welcome Package ($60 Value!) includes:

  • 3 Free UV Upgrades to High Level Beds
  • 1 Free VersaPro Sunless Tan Session
  • 25% Off First Tanning Lotion Purchase

Packages & Enhancements:

Level Upgrade $6-$25 per session, depending on membership level
Use a higher level bed in a single session

“Cocktail” Package $9.95
Add a Single Session Versa Pro to any UV Single Session

VersaPro Sunless Add-Ons
Double Pass Legs $5    Double Pass Face $5    Post-Session Moisturizer $5    Extra Full Body Pass $10

Tanning Lotion:

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